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2046 Lobivia aurea v. shaferi forma mostruosa

Lobivia aurea v. shaferi forma mostruosa
  • Lobivia aurea v. shaferi forma mostruosa
  • Lobivia aurea v. shaferi forma mostruosa
  • Lobivia aurea v. shaferi forma mostruosa
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Piante su radice propria in forza da fiore (non innestate)
Ha fusti ovoidali quasi privi di spine che ramificano abbondantemente dalla base. Può crescere fino a 30 di altezza. Le fioriture sono abbondanti  già su piante di pochi cm di diametro.

Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Lobivia aurea var. shaferi "mostruosa"

Scientific name:  Echinopsis aurea Britton & Rose forma mostruosa

OriginProv. MIZQUE, dept. Cochabamba (Bolivia)

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 2.

Common NameGolden Easter Lily Cactus

Lobivia aurea var. shaferii forma mostruosa.

Description: The standard L.  aurea v. shaferi is a very spiny cactus. The monstrous form here described is a quite different almost spineless clustering plant with ovoidal  growth habit that branches profusely and can slowly grow up to 30 cm tall.
Stem: Composed by upright sections that branches avidly up to 3-8 (-10) cm tall by 3-5 cm in diameter, bright-green to dull olive-green with purple hues in full sun, with only a few areoles with a short white wool. The areoles are arranged irregularly and
often are fused to form peculiar horizontal lines contrast with the stem.
Spines: Few honey-coloured to brown with darker tips, located on the few areole in groups. They can grow up to 4–25 mm long.
Flowers: Yellow and monstrous looking with short curled petals and an orangish floral tube.

It is a heavy bloomer that start flowering when still very still very young and small.

It has almost spineless ovoidal stems that branches profusely and grow up to 30 cm tall.

 Cultivation: It is a summer grower species that offers no cultivation difficulties.  Water regularly in summer (but do not over water it) It is rot prone and should be planted in a shallow pot. As most Echinopsis cultivated for their blossom, it needs a soil mixture a little richer than the average cactus with still an excellent drainage,  keep rather dry in winter.
It is quite frost resistant if kept dry (hardy to  -5° C
 Outside full sun or afternoon shade, inside needs bright light, and some direct sun.

Propagation: Grafting or cutting.