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    SKU: 0715
    Conophytum minutum
    C. minutum is aptly named for it is only 1 cm tall body, it is in fact one of the smallest or dwarf succulent that offsets readily forming small clumps. Produces a profusion of violet flowers in autumn.
  2. 4
    SKU: 0754
    Lithops fulviceps C170 40 km North Karasburg, Namibia.
    Colourful plant with orange-reddish-brown heads decorated by red lines and raised dots.
  3. 5
    SKU: 0415
    Lithops fulviceps C266 65 km North of Karasburg, Namibia.
    This Lithops forms rich brick red heads with extra large dots. Branches profusely and flowers abundantly in autumn. Very easy to grow.
  4. 6
    SKU: 0163
    Lithops fulviceps v. laevigata C412 TL 90km North-East Pofadder, Northern cape, South Africa
    Very peculiar small convex form with a relatively smooth surface without the large raised dusky dots which characterize the type variety.
  5. 9
    SKU: 0843
    Pleiospilos nelii Seekoeigat, P Albert, fat green popos  (MG 1830)
    Pot 5,5 cm. Pleiospilos nelii is the popular split rock plant, looking like a piece of greenish speckled rock, and with a perfectly straight cleft right down the middle.
  6. 11
    SKU: 0716
    Schwantesia loeschiana Rosh Pinah, Nam., white rounded leaves, very fat (NG 1858.9)
    Often found growing in quartzite substrate where it mimicries the colour and shape of the stones.
  7. 20
    SKU: 1030
    Lithops karasmontana 'opalina'
    A beautiful form with pastel-pink-white body .
  8. 24
    SKU: 1431
    Lithops salicola C321 25 km WNW von Petrusville, South Africa
    This is one of the easiest species. Some people consider it one of the most tolerant of overwatering.
  9. 27
    SKU: 0423
    Lithops hookeri v. lutea C038 TL: 5 km North west of Groblershoop, South Africa
    Nice form of Lithops hookeri with rich orange coloration characterized by large island and coarse network of grooves on the top face. Flowers are Yellow in late summer.
  10. 31
    SKU: 1003
    Faucaria sp. PB1787 21 km East Pearston, South Africa.
    This is a choice dwarf form, with brownish-green leaves that forms small low and exceptionally compact clumps. Flowers are golden-yellow, come in autumn and last for a long time.
  11. 32
    SKU: 0994
    Conophytum noisabiense
  12. 33
    SKU: 1463
    Stomatium albumroseum Antimub
  13. 34
    SKU: 1457
    Schwantesia loeschiana
    Very nice free blooming succulent. Often found growing among quartzite stones.
  14. 35
    SKU: 1004
    Glottiphyllum oligocarpum
  15. 36
    SKU: 1470
    Cephalophyllum parvibracteatum
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