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SP2283 Copiapoa lembckei KK70 - Caldera, Chile 100-200m

Copiapoa lembckei KK70 - Caldera, Chile 100-200m
  • Copiapoa lembckei KK70 - Caldera, Chile 100-200m
  • Copiapoa lembckei KK70 - Caldera, Chile 100-200m
  • Copiapoa lembckei KK70 - Caldera, Chile 100-200m
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# # # PIANTA SPECIALE # # #  H 12-13 cm, In Habitat forma grossi cespi conmposti da fusti ricoperti da una patina grigio/bincastra.

Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Copiapoa lembckei Backeberg 1959


Scientific name:  Copiapoa calderana F. Ritter 1959

(The name Copiapoa lembckei was not validly published.)

Origin:  Coastal deserts of northern Chile (Atacama, Antofagasta, Caldera)

Habitat:  In the area where this plants grows there is very little rain but frequent coastal fog, which provides a significant part of their water needs.

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 2.

  • Copiapoa marginata (Sd) Br&R
  • Copiapoa streptocaulon
  • Copiapoa atacamensis,
  • Copiapoa boliviana,
  • Echinocactus bolivianus,
  • Copiapoa lembckei

Copiapoa lembckei KK70 (= Copiaoa cinerascens ? ) Caldera, Chile 100-200m
In habitat it forms clusters of stems covered by a whitish grey bloom that is generally not present on the cultivated specimens that usually have a dark solitary body.

Description: Solitary or slowly clumping
Stem: 10-30 cm tall , 10 cm in diameter, depressed spherical or shortly cylindrical with a woolly apex, Bright grey-green, with grey tips (the younger specimen are usually a dark tan/violet/green)
Ribs: 10 to 17 ribs, wide blunt, not notched, approx 1 cm high.
Areoles: Round, woolly, dull-white/grey that darken as they ages, 5-10 mm apart.
Spines: Amber, brown or black, awl-shaped to needle-like, hard and straight (or slightly bent), becoming grey with age.
Central spines: 1( to 2) about 2-3 cm long.
Radial spines: 4 to 7; ± 1 to 1.5 cm long.
Flowers: Large (± 3 cm) light yellow, funnel-shaped, scented.
Blooming season: Flowers in spring and summer, followed by green fruit.

C. lembckei L825 Caldera,  Chile altitude: 50m ...

... a beautiful blue bodied form with yellow areoles


Cultivation: This slow growing cactus is kept for the beauty of its form.  It must be protected from excessive heat and sun in summer, and seems to do best in cultivation with a bit of shade.  It requires light but regular waterings in summer, but let the soil mix dry between waterings,  Prone to rot if over-watered.  Needs good drainage.  Keep warm and dry in winter (10°C) to avoid rot.  Not highly tolerant of a great deal of frost. (Frost tolerance 0°C)

Seeds (or offsets if available), Grafting is often used to speed growth rate and to create a back-up to plants in collection.