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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 084  David Van Langen
Texas ( U.S.A.) ~ Humble


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Here is a pic of the local landscape taken in my back yard naturally wooded areas ( unless developed) with scattered pasture land. Elevation appx 55 ft above sea level. Avg yearly rainfall is 45 inches even though we had 70 inches in 2002 and 100 inches in 2001. Attached is a pic taken in my front yard the Ocotillo has survived and grown here for over 12 years in spite of all the rain.
Site http://community.webshots.com/user/davidvl 
E-mail dvl@pdq.net

Me and a large Ferocactus wislizenii

I would love to participate in your testing of cactus this winter. I am located in Humble Texas-- 20 miles north of Houston Texas. We get into the upper teens from time to time but normally have mild winters. We can have days of dreary, cold & wet weather followed by days of brisk & sunny weather. Scleros & Pedios would also be good species to do a "Warm & Humid Summer Test" with.
 I have a large cactus garden in my front yard that is exposed to all the elements ( good & bad) but grow most of the choice plants in a covered ( with clear panels for a roof) pen that I raise desert lizards in. It has metal walls to keep critters in ( & out) but is open to the elements from all sides above the 40 inch tall walls. 
All but the "obvious habitat" shots are from my collection. I go to great  pains to try to duplicate the conditions that the plants grow in  habitat.

Regards    David

Foto from David Webshot album

RED Barrel -wet

Ferocactus cylindraceus-- red when wet!!

White Sands Claret Cup

Just about the finest group of cactus I have seen.

Echinocereus fendleri var rectispinus

West of Deming New Mexico

Coryphantha sulcata

Texas native


The attached pic is out in the Lizard/ Cactus Habitat in my back yard.

The baby Blossfeldia I am trying to grow on it's own

...hope it works!

The test plants in their new home

Pedio in a pot in a sheltered location

Here's the Pedio that is in the Lizard Pen

Sclero glaucus
 (nice spines!!!!)
January 02 2003 The plants arrived today---they look great!!! The Sclerocactus glaucus sure has nice spines. The small Opuntia will make it easy to "conceal" the graft they are not very intrusive.
January 04 2003
Here is the first pic of the new plants, One Pedio will stay in a pot in a sheltered location .

June 07 2004 1) ...the Pedio despainii that is under the clear roof of the Lizard Pen. It is plump and healthy but sadly it aborted its flower buds in late winter. I suppose the clouds and lack of sunshine may have been the reason it did not bloom.
2) ...the Pedio despainii that stayed in a pot. I was amazed to find a small flower bud once I looked at the picture!! Maybe it will decide to bloom now!!
3) ...Sclerocactus glaucus. It is in fine shape so far and I hope to see it do well as our humid summer gets hotter. We only dipped to -2 C a couple of times last winter and had quite a few frost at just above freezing. No temps stayed below freezing for more than a couple of hours. Overall-- we had a mild but dismal & rainy winter.
Kind regards and thank you very much for letting me participate in the "
Test Program "!!    David



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