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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 101 Pál Vajda
Hungary ~ Nagykőrös


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.


My city
Site http://kaktuszok.freeweb.hu  only hungarian language.
E-mail kaktuszok@freemail.hu

Dear organizers!

I come from Hungary, from Nagykőrös, Hungary in the centre. I have been collecting frost-resistant cacti for 6 years. I'm very interested in your program. I would like participate in winter hardy cacti test. My favourite genus is Echinocereus, Opuntia, Cylindropuntia.
In summer it is hot, sunny, in Winters are cold and frosty, and often very dry. In autumn it unfortunately often rains, true test!

  The temperature:  
  in winter +5 to –18 (occur -25) C   (rainy)  
  in summer about  20 to 30 (occur near 40) C    (dry)  
  in spring about  5 to 20 C    (dry and rain)  
  in autumn about  10 to 15 C    (rainy)  

It is very difficult for us in Hungary to get a Pediocactus and Sclerocactus plants....old my dream, please help, even if  my be late. 

Best wishes
Pál Vajda

Cylindropuntia whipplei
Cylidropuntia whipplei

Opuntia spp. destroyed by frost



Opuntia humifusa iced
Opuntia humifusa
covered by ice
Escobaria sneedii ssp. leei -  in ice
Escobaria sneedii ssp. leei
in ice
cactus in hte snow
cactus and snow
Cylindropuntia bigelowii
Cylindropuntia bigelowii
Opuntia hystricina
Opuntia hystricina
Opuntia macrocentra
Opuntia macrocentra
Opuntia seedlings
Opuntia seedlings Opuntia flowers
The test plants in their new home
March 06 2004 Hi Valentino,
I received the three plants (March  5) without problem. Beautiful!
Thank you very much.
Best regards


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