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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 011   Pieter Colpaert
BELGIUM ~ Kerkhove in Flanders


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Kerkhove - some kouses in the village
Site http://studwww.UGent.be/~pcolpaer
E-mail pieter_colpaert@yahoo.co.uk
I live in Kerkhove in Flanders, Belgium. Kerkhove is a small town, near Avelgem. We live in the valley of the Schelde (Escaut in french). There is a lot of agriculture here. Winter humidity is high here due to the presence of the river and the electricity power plant (the cooling towers make a lot of water vapour). Our winter minima are about -9C, but it's usually warmer. We get a lot of rain during the whole year, especially in the winter. This summer has been exceptionally dry and hot, till 31C. I can look up the exact altitude of my town, but it's rather low. We live on the level of the river, The altitude is between 5 and 20 m.
the environment
my collection last year
 The test plants In their new home  (in the hardy bed)

August 18 2003: Hi, The three plant you sent me arrived this morning. I already planted them. The Pedio to be kept with the other cacti in a square pot between the other cacti in the greenhouse. The other Pedio and the Sclero are planted in my hardy cacti bed (covered during the winter, but with perfect ventilation). They are together with: Echinocereus chloranthus, Thelocactus setispinus, Tephrocactus strobiliformis, Sedum acre and Opuntia humifusa. There are also several plants of Echinopsis chamaecereus in the bed. They are very cold resistant, but  those in the bed get their flowers about one month later then those in  the unheated greenhouse. Probably due to the colder temps in spring I hope I've done it well till now. If not, let me know. And thank you for the nice plants.
Here is a photo of my hardy cacti bed. It needs to be weeded, but the cacti are growing fine in there.

The hardy bed

January 17 2004 Hi, I just took some photo's of the two outside plants. the current
temperatures are between 5 and 10C. Till now, the minimum were about
-9C. the plants are covered with a glass plate, but the soil gets
humid. This does not really seem to affect the plants. As you can see,
Sedum acre and mosses are doing well as well there.


May 02 2004  
Hello, Spring is here and all the cacti are growing again. Time to send an update for the winter test.
  • photo1) Pediocactus greenhouse: formed flower buds in February. started growth in early march and the flower buds aborted. is growing well and is now placed outside again.
  • photo2) Pediocactus outside: never formed flower buds. Started growing only last week. Looks thinner then the one in the greenhouse but looks healthy.
  • photo3) Sclerocactus outside: looks great. started growing a few weeks ago.

conclusion: looks like the Sclero is better suited for outside while the Pedio is better in the greenhouse. At least during the winter season.

Regards, Pieter





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