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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 036   Scott F. Smith
Colorado ( U.S.A.) ~ Denver


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Winter hardy cactus bed in my yard

E-mail Scott.Smith@usap.gov
I am a fan of Winter Hardy Cactus. I found your web site on the internet. Is it possible for me to participate in your International Winter Hardy Cactus Test? I have two separate beds of cactus in my yard. I would love to participate in this test.  I own a digital camera also. So pictures and documentation would be easy.

The altitude at which the cactus are planted is 5300 feet or 1615 meters. Our temperature range is -10(F) to 104 (F) or -10 (C) to 40 (C). Mostly sunny very little rain. We have over 220 days of sunshine per year.

from the natural habitat of
Sclerocactus parviflorus
by Scott F. Smith.

 The test plants in their new home:

September 02 2003:...the 3 cactus arrived safe and sound. Perfect shape. They arrived on August 29th 2003. I replanted them that very same day. The cactus were beautiful. Then it rained that very night. I was utterly amazed by that. More rain than we usually ever get. But our weather is back to normal again.

April 16 2004: Greetings from Denver Colorado USA. Just to let you know my Pediocactus despainii have now been blooming for two weeks. These are quite stunning. They have done so very well. Thank you. The coldest the temperature dropped to this year was -7 (F). (-21.6 C).
April 08 2005:
Valentino, greetings from Denver Colorado. Has been a beautiful week so far here. I have attached two photo's of the test cactus Pediocactus despainii for you. They are in full glory right now. Each plant now has 5-6 flowers. The others will bloom shortly.  I will send  more photo's of those others when they bloom. I will get a mm measurement for you on the height and width of the plants.
May 12 2005
Valentino, greetings from Colorado. I have attached several
photo's for you of my flowering cactus that I got from you. Two photo's of the Sclerocactus glaucus and one photo showing the Pediocactus peeblesianus blooming.

Sclerocactus glaucus flowers

April 12 2007
Valentino, Valentino, greetings from Denver Colorado, USA. Please find attached a couple of pictures of cactus one of Pediocactus bradyi, and one from Pediocactus despanii....





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