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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 059  Valentin Posea
Romania ~ Bucharest


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

View from my balcony Window for cacti
E-mail valentinposea@yahoo.co.uk
I live in Bucharest, in a block of flats, at sixth floor, and all my cacti are staying in two balconies and in the windows. I know these are not the ideal conditions to make the test. I do not know if you will accept me to take part of the winter test but, if it is possible, I like to do it.
My cacti collection is not so big. Around 300 of species, about 30% grown up from seed. Only few of them are hardy winter cacti (Echinocereus Triglochidiatus v mojavensis f inermis RP105 - MG 277.682, Echinocereus viridiflorus DJF713.1 - MG 282.07, Escobaria (Neobesseya) Missouriensis - MG 383.18, Opuntia Fragilis and Opuntia Arenaria). Till now only the two Opuntias and Escobaria were outside during the winter. The others I considered too small. Probably, this year I will let also an Echinocereus viridiflorus outside. I have only one Echinocereus Triglochidiatus v mojavensis f inermis and I'm afraid for it. I do not know how this winter will be but, usually, the temperature get down till -12 Celsius degrees and sometimes may reach, during the night, -20 in the open place. In my open balcony the temperature may get down, during the coldest nights, till -17, I think.  In the summer the air temperature, in the shadow, may reach 40 Celsius degrees. In the springtime and in the autumn there are possible cold rains, sometime during a couple of days.


Cacti outside of an other window inside my closed balcony
Inside my closed balcony in April View from my cacti window
Ariocarpus kotschoubeanus var. macdowellii Aztekium hintonii


The grafting cacti: The seeds were sown on Apr.28-03. The grafts were made on June 28-03. Az. Hintonii was 1.5mm diameter but only one of four grafts was successfully.
The winter test plants in theyr new home:
October 2003 I send you as attachment a photo with the three cacti reppoted. Two of them shall stay overwinter in this place together with Neobesseya Misouriensis, Echinocereus Viridiflorus and some Sempervivum. I'll send you another photo when the snow will come.
January 09 2003 Dear Valentino, Please find here attached three photos with the winter test cacti immediately after a snowstorm (first is through the windowpane just during the storm). The storm is gone and the temperatures get down in Bucharest till 15 C degrees (in front of my window the minim was 9 C degrees). The cacti are OK.
      March 04 2004 The winter test plants are OK. Those from outside are a little smaller now but in good condition. No bud on Sclerocactus but Pediocactus seems to have something like a bud and a well-formed bud on Pediocactus from inside.
May 23 2004 I send you, here attached the last pictures with the winter test cacti. The "Pedio" from outside had three flowers beginning with 24 April. The other, from inside, didn't have flower till now. I put it outside in 15 April together with a lot of other cacti. It seemed to me that this Pedio, from inside, had a bud in February but I was wrong. The last picture is made today on the cacti that was inside during the winter. The buds can be well observed. I will send you another picture when it will be in bloom. I think that, during the winter, in my balcony, the temperature was too high. Indeed, when the sun was shinning, the temperature was going up to 25C and in the night never get down under 5C. Best regard




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