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Winter test 2003: Individual participant card
Nr. 065 Yannick Gregorn
Celje ~ Slovenia


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.


E-mail yannick.gregorn@guest.arnes.si
My name is Yannick Gregorn from Slovenia. I saw your page of winter hardy cactus. I am a collector of cactuses, in my collection is about 200 different species I have about 10 winter hard cactuses already planted in the garden. Last winter I had two and they survived a very cold winter without any protection (the lowest temperature was - 26C).
  1. Altitude of Celje is 244m
  2. Minimum temperature ever measured in Celje was -31C and Max. was +40C.
  3. Autumn, winter and spring are quite wet but in the summer we have very hot and dry weather.
Best regards



Our garden

Outdoors winter hardy cactus in the  rock garden (Opuntia).
The sticks are because of the cats

A daily report of temperature and wheatear has been recorded in the place where the plants are passing the winter [click here]
The test plants in their new home
  November 26 2003 I have received your cactuses. You will receive your pictures when it stops raining (I hope it will be soon), because I have planted them outside.
December 01 2003 Here are the pictures of your sample cactus, I planted them outside last week. I hope they will survive the winter.
Best regards   Yannick
February 15 2004 As you see the plants are still resisting, but I don't know what is happening with pediocactus despainii a brownish layer has covered some parts of cactus (as you see on the last picture). I hope everything is OK and this is just a result of cold weather if it is not please give me some instructions how to preserve the plant.
Minimum temp in January -15 C.
    May 17 2004

Here is the picture of Pediocactus blooming.

Best regards
November 13 2004
I want to inform you that Sclerocactus and Pediocactus are still resisting except the snail had a small dinner

April 2005
I send you the last picture  of your Pediocactus despainii from  winter test:  they are both still alive and must inform you that the cactuses didn't have any protection during the winter and the lowest temperature in this winter was -25C, (the previous winter  it was -15C) and they weren't under snow cover. Thank you again for publishing my picture.

Best regards   Yannick



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