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Anemochory [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Anemochory is the process of fruit and seeds dispersal by means of the wind.  
Some plants produce seeds that can use the wind to carry them away from the parent in a wide area over long distances. Anemochory require very light seeds that are easily blown away by the wind. Larger wind-dispersed seeds are generally heavier and therefore require features such as parachutes or wings to help keep them flying in the air. The largest and heaviest wind-dispersed seeds, such as maple (Acer sp.) cannot flutter on hair-like parachutes to keep them airborne. They would have to be enormous to be effective. Instead they have developed a wing which causes them to spin through the air like helicopters. This again delays their fall. The biggest seeds of all cannot possibly be dispersed by the wind.







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