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Spherical  [ Botany ]
Globose, Spheric, Globular, Rounded, Ball-like

Dictionary of botanic terminology
index of names

  Globose means having a rounded form resembling that of a sphere or ball.  
A ball-shaped or nearly globular part or organ of a plant
(For examples pollen granules, fruits, or seeds)

◄Left: Shapes based on the sphere and ellipsoids, distinguished by the ratio of a:b.

  1. Globose or spherical
  2. Subglobose or prolate spheroidal
  3. Broadly ellipsoidal (sub-prolate) to ellipsoidal (prolate)
  4. Oval (per-prolate)
  5. Fusiform
Spherical habit   [ Morphology ]
Globose  habit or Ball shaped
The globose habit is one of the most common vegetative features or habit  frequently observed in cacti and succulents characterized by spherical stems.


Two globose cacti: Echinocactus grusonii and Epithelantha micromeris








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