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Suckers [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Suckers are shoots or small plants arising from the base of a larger plant.  
Suckers derive from adventitious buds that are produced by a root and emerges from the ground, similar to runners except that the horizontal parts of their stems are below the surface of the soil. Rooted suckers can be dug up and planted elsewhere. Shoots that grow from the understock on which a tree or shrub is budded are also called suckers.
(1) Suckering [ Botany ]
  Of a plant producing suckers, or shoots resembling suckers.  
The growth of a plant that produces new shoots at the base or below ground traveling out from the plant base.
(2) Suckering [ Horticulture ]


Type of vegetative propagation where lateral   buds grow out to produce an individual that is a clone of the parent.  


Removing suckers from a plant; this can be done by hand  at an earlier stage, by cutting the suckers or spraying the plant with a chemical that inhibits the growth of suckers.







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