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Susceptible   [ Botany  - Horticulture]
Noun: Susceptibility

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms: Sensitive, Unresistant, Non-resistant, Vulnerable, Prone.
  Vulnerable or predisposed to a disease or unresistant against  the exposition  to a particular environmental, physical or chemical  agent.  
Phytopathology: An individual or species capable of being easily infected or damaged by a given pathogen.
A susceptible individual (sometimes known simply as a susceptible) is a member of a population who is at risk of becoming infected by a disease, lacking the inherent ability to resist a disease or attack if it is exposed to the infectious agent.
Also of a plant not possessing sufficient resistance against a particular environmental condition, for example susceptible to: low temperatures, heat, overwateringsun exposure or other factors.

Agronomy: A crop, species or cultivar that may be damaged or a weed that may be readily controlled by a recommended rate of herbicide.







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