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Taxonomy  [ Biology ]
Adjective: Taxonomic
Adverb:  Taxonomically

  Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The taxonomy is the science of classification of living organisms in an ordered system according to their presumed natural relationships.  
The science, laws,  theories and techniques of naming, describing, and classifying organisms. Traditionally, organisms were grouped by physical similarities of structure or origin, but in recent times other criteria such as genetic matching have also been used.

The term taxonomy it is often used interchangeably with the terms scientific classification and systematics.

The taxonomic hierarchy  used in scientific classification from most general to most specific is:

Intermediate ranks may be created by adding prefixes, for instance:

In addition, species are often subdivided into subspecies and other infraspecific categories (see subspecies, variety, subvariety and form). In certain circumstances prefixes beyond sub- need be used. Some other ranks are also sometimes added. For instance, domains or empires may be given above the level of kingdom, tribes between the levels of family and genus, and sections and series between the genus and species.







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