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Tracheid [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonym: Tracheary element
  A Tracheid is the basic unit of the xylem (fluid-conducting tissue), consisting of a single elongated cell with a wall composed of cellulose thickened with lignin.  

Vessel member & tracheids

Vascular plants have two kinds of Tracheary Elements Tracheids and Vessel Members.
Conifers have only tracheids. Woody angiosperms have also  vessels. The mature tracheids form a column of superposed, cylindrical dead cells  whose end walls have been perforated, resulting in a continuous tube called vessel (trachea). Tracheids are found in all vascular plants and are the only conducting elements in gymnosperms and ferns. Tracheids have Pits on their end walls. Pits are not nearly as efficient for water translocation as Perforation Plates found in vessel elements.

Principal characteristic of tracheids:

Compare whit:  Vessel member

  Tracheary - of conducting tissues containing tracheids and vessels.  







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