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To transplant   [ Horticulture ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Verb (past and past participle transplanted, present participle transplanting, 3rd person present singular transplants)

[From Latin “transplantare” ( “trans” = across, over + “plantare” to plant)]
  Transitive verb:  [HORTICULTURE] To relocate plant: to remove by uprooting a plant from the place where it is growing and replant it in a new location  
  Intransitive verb: [HORTICULTURE] To be capable of being moved. To be capable of undergoing transplantation.  
  Transitive verb: [HORTICULTURE - SURGERY] To transfer body organ: to transfer an organ or tissue from one body to another or from one place in somebody's body to another.   
See: To graft
  Transitive verb: To move something to another place: To remove and settle or establish somebody or something to another place or position. For example to transplant (transport) organism or population to a new settlement.  
Transplant    [ Horticulture ]  

Synonym: Replant, Transfer, Transplantation, Transplanting, Transpose 
Adjective: Transplantable
Noun: Transplantation, Transplanter

  The act of uprooting and moving a plant from the location or container where it grows to a new location.  
Transplant    [ Biology - Horticulture ]  
Synonym: Graft, Organ transplant, Transfer, Transplantation
Adjective: Transplantable
Noun: Transplantation
  A transplant is the transplantation of an organ (or part of one) from one body to another, for example a plant graft.  
In biology a transplant is the transfer or replacement of cells, tissues, or organs from an area of the body to another or of from one organism to another, for the purpose of replacing a damaged organ with one from a donor.
In horticulture a transplant or graft is a technique used for the vegetative multiplication of selected species or cultivars of plants by moving and implanting a vegetative growing part from a donor ( the scion) in another supportive plant body (the stock) where it will attain to an adequate development.

See: Graft







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