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Unsegmented or Nonsegmental [ Botany - Biology ]
Antonym: Segmented

Dictionary of botanic terminology
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  Unsegmented means having a body structure composed by one continuous part or piece, that is not divided into segments.  

Most of plants are unsegmented that is they have a continuous (virtually unlimited) growth of roots and stems, which is precisely there is not a determined or established limit of growth fixed in advance (indeterminate growth).

By the other hand, plants with segments are genetically programmed to expand for a limited time and then stop growing (determinate growth)

Compare with (antonym): Segmented

Unsegmented or Nonsegmental Habit     [ Habit of growth - Botany]
  An unsegmented or nonsegmental  habit is a vegetative features that describe a  plant having stems and branches that are not divided into segments.  







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