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Unwater ( keep dry)  [ Horticulture  ]
Antonym: To water

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Transitive verb  (past and past participle unwatered, present participle unwatering, 3rd person present singular unwaters)
  1. To keep dry avoiding to pour, sprinkle or soak something with water; (E.g. to unwater a pot of flowers for a month)
  2. To remove excess of water from land, crops or fields.
Many species of plants native of arid region with hot, dry climates (xerophytes, succulents, bulbs, etc.),  need - when cultivated in gardens and   greenhouses - to be unwatered (kept dry) for a more or less long period to simulate the natural dry season of the zone of origin.
Particularly most cacti and succulents need a long period of dryness during the winter-rest, in fact
it is indispensable to unwater many of them from October to March to avoid rottenness ( as they are very sensitive to moisture under cold wheatear condition) and to stimulate the production of flowering the following spring.
It is also possible to unwater plant grown outdoor keeping them in raised beds, sheltered from rain and snow, a good drainage is also essential to keep the compost aerated and unwater-logged to prevent roots rotting in wet soil.







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