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Ventilation  [ Horticulture ]

  Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

(Air circulation in the atmosphere)  Synonym: Air movement
Adjective: Ventilated (also: Airy, Aerated)
  Ventilation is the process of supplying or removing air by natural or mechanical means to or from any space.  

Ventilation is the circulation of air in the atmosphere, typically between a room, a greenhouse, etc., and the outside; Ventilation dilutes and removes air moisture and helps abate high temperatures. Constant circulation of fresh air is an essential factor in health of indoor and greenhouses plants; The microclimate around plants have a significant effect on their health and development. Air circulation reduce climate differences and maintain a uniform temperature and humidity throughout a greenhouse. High humidity and condensation on plants lead to disease and other humidity related problems. Condensation problems occur when moisture in warm air condenses on cool leaf and covering surfaces.
Ventilation can be a natural or a mechanical process for supplying outside air to an enclosure or space. If the natural air circulation is insufficient the air movement can be improved using several techniques for example an exhaust fan can creates excellent ventilation and help removing air from the enclosure...

Compare with: Air circulation ( in the soil)






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