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Vine  [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Adjective: Viny
  The climbing plant that produces grapes; any plant of the genus Vitis; by extension, any similar climbing or trailing plant.   

A plant is a vine if its stem is too long and weak (woody or not) to support its vertical growth, and so seek such support from other sources (eg, arbours, pergolas, trellises, latticework, other plants, cliff faces) Vines may get that support by means of tendrils, by twining, adhere, or scramble over other taller object, by attaching themselves with aerial rootlets, twining stems, twining leafstalks, adhesive disks, or hooks bot or merely by sprawling over a more rigid plant.

Vining: The action of the verb to vine; Growing in the manner of a vine; twisting and entwining

To vine  Intransitive verb . ( vined, vining, vines )
  To form or develop like a vine.  







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