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(1) Wild (Adjective)  [ Botany - Ecology ]
Comparative: Wilder
Superlative: Wildest

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Wild (Adjective): Growing spontaneously, not cultivated.  
  1. Wild flower: A plant not of a cultivated variety, occurring, growing, or living in a natural state without the aid and care of man rather than being cultivated in fields, parks, or gardens; inhabiting natural areas, as the forest or open field native;
    For example: wild camomile, wild strawberry, etc..
  2. Wild animal: An animal that is not a domesticated animal — the common usage includes feral animals.
  3. Wild product: Something produced by animals or plants living freely in a natural habitat rather than by domesticated animals or cultivated plants
    For example edible wild fruit, wild honey etc…
  4. Wild area: A territory that is not inhabited or farmed or able to be inhabited by humans because of being remote and barren.

(2) Wild (Adverb)  [ Botany - Ecology ]
  Wild (Adverb): In an uncultivated way: in a natural or undomesticated state rather than being cultivated in fields, parks, or gardens.  
For example: Flowers that grow wild in the fields or animals roaming wild in the forest
(3) Wild (Noun)  [ Botany - Ecology ]
  Wild (Noun): The natural, free state of an undomesticated animal or plant.  
For example: plants that grow in the wild, animal that live in the wild.
(4) Wilds (Noun plural)  [ Botany - Ecology ]
  Wild (Noun plural): An area or region uncultivated or little affected by human activity that is completely uninhabited or only very sparsely populated because it is remote and barren; as a forest or desert; a wilderness; a waste; Often used in the plural.  
For example: The wilds of the American prairie , the wilds of Africa etc
(5) wild  
Wild (noun): Warlike, Cruel  (= Latin "Ferox")
(6) wild-   [ Prefix ]
  Wild- (prefix): Many native  plants are named by prefixing wild to the names of other better known or cultivated plants to which they bear a real or fancied resemblance;  
For example: Wild-bean, wild-cherry, etc...





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