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Wilt     Phytopathology  ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A plant disease (or symptom) characterized by drooping and shriveling of stems and foliage.  
A disease characterised by loss of rigidity and collapse of plant parts caused by loss of water and decreased turgidity of cells. As drooping, folding, rolling, or collapsing leaves that become weak and lose their freshness.

Wilts may be caused by:
  • Water stress: loss of freshness or drooping of plants due to inadequate water supply or excessive transpiration or excess of fertilization.
  • Vascular infection by a fungus or bacterium: A frequent cause of wilt is a disease in which bacteria or parasitic fungi invade the vessels of herbaceous plants, interfere with movement of water and nutrients, and produce certain toxins that cause wilting and the eventual death of the plant. Many are carried by insects.
  • Parasites attacking the roots.






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