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  Grafting on Opuntia compressa


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Mammillaria theresae forma cristata

Mammillaria sancez-mejorade blooming

A choice stock for small cacti and for all the frost hardy species.

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For the grafting of  Cactaceae at present we use a small Prickly Pear (see some pics: Opuntia compressa Monmouth Co. New Jersey) a very  healthy, frost and wet resistant species.
It is a long lasting, nearly invisible stock suited for all the small globular sort of cacti and used for the cacti we have on sale. Also useful for monstrose and crested forms. Simple growing tips are provided in the index page.
All frost resistant North American species do the best when grafted on this stock (Pediocactus, Sclerocactus, Toumeya and also  South American winter hardy and delicate Andean  species)

Cacti grafted on Prickly Pear don't grow so quickly as on the commonly used stocks like Hylocereus and Myrtillocactus, but the plants appearance is very natural, both in aspect and dimension.

Earlier bloom even in very young plants and greater flower production of the cacti grafted on prickly pear compared to those on other stocks. Take a look at the photo of a very young Mammillaria sancez-mejorade (at left) and in comparison see the photograph of a three year old specimen grafted on Trichocereus, bigger but bearing only a few flowers.
During the winter months the stocks cladodes dehydrate a lot (this does not matter) this water reduction confer a frost hardiness to the plants. At present I grow anything in a non heated greenhouse, not one of my thousands of plants have died from the frost!!
In a few years the scion hides the stock completely, so you can grow your slow growing and delicate cacti as ordinary non grafted plants. See the bottom photograph of a three year old Strombocactus.

Last but not least, young cacti grafted on Prickly Pear stocks look very nice. At the beginning I made this kind of graft only for growing  the plants of my own collection (as I hate the unnatural appearance of the ordinary grafts usually seen ) I was induced to start producing some of these cacti for sale by the compliment of the people who found these plants very beautiful and asked me for one. Now I have many of these specimens and they will  soon be on sale. Among them: Yavia criptocarpa, Micropuntia berckleyana, Ferobergia Hybrid, Ariocarpus scapharostrus (some crested!!!), Astrophytum cv. superkabuto and cv. Onzuka, Sulcorebutia rauschii v. violacidermis, Puna and Lobivia bonnieae, Sclerocactus, Pediocactus, Toumeya (more than one hundred beautiful species some of them very rare)
Strombocactus three year old

S. disciformis three month old


"English text kindly corrected by John Chippindale"

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