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Spreading [ Botany - Habit of growth ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A spreading  habit is a vegetative features that describe a  plant  extending or stretching out over a wide area that forms an open clumps, not forming a tight groups of shoots.  
Spreading [ Botany - Biology  - Ecology ]
Synonym:  Diffusion,  Dissemination, Dispersal
  The process or result of distributing  over a wide expanse of space; diffusion or dispersal.  

Especially used in botany and ecology to indicate plant, seed or pollen dissemination or dispersal.

In ecology a diffuse distribution indicate plants widely spread or scattered over an area, not concentrated in a definite and delimited place.

To spread [ Transitive and intransitive verb ]   (past and past participle spread, present participle spreading, 3rd person present singular spreads)
Adjective: Spread, Spreadable
  To open, extend or diffuse something to its full area; causing something to extends or widely extents over a period of time, range, surface or direction.  
For example: A tree  that spreads its branches, insects spread seed or pollen , sooty mould spread over a leaf, to spread fertilizer in ones garden ground, Cactus are spread from northern to southern America etc...)







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