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(1)  Stem  [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  The stem is the main axis or a branch, of a plant (tree, shrub or herb) which bears and place  in positions parts like leaves and flowers  where they can function most efficiently;  
The stem has a continuous pipeline of vascular tissue composed of non living cells to transport water and minerals from roots and sugar from leaves. It enlarge in size and length;

Frequently, stems serve to store food (e.g. cactus stems store water; tubers store nutrients), it carry on photosynthesis, and may reproduce new plants.

It is generally aerial but also below the ground, node occurs where a leaf attaches and internode is the region between nodes; nodes and internode identify a stem even if it is underground.

Tree use woody tissue to support stems.

It develops from the plumule of the embryo;

Main stem parts:
(2) Stem  [ Botany ]
  The plant part that supports the leaves, flowers or fruits of a plant, as the peduncle of a fruit, the pedicel of a flower or the petiole or leaf-stem.  
(3) Stem  [ Botany ]
  Also the midvein or rachis of a leaf.  







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