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Genus: Lithops [ Family ]

Dictionary of Genus names

In the winter season the Lihops doesnít need watering, but they will still be growing, the new bodies will be increasing in size as the old outer leaves begin to shrivel. In fact the plant in this time extracts water and nutrient stored in the outer succulent leaves, allowing them to dehydrate relocating the water  to the rest of the plant and to the new leaves that form during this period until the old leaves are reduced to nothing more than "thin papery shells".
Lithops (and other geophytes  succulents like Haworthia) have fenestrate leaves  The fenestrate areas are often patterned, irregularly reticulated or potted and looks like stones allowing the plant to camouflage with the soil surface.

L. hookeri var. marginata
"cerise form" C88

L. lesliei C36A
cv Albinica

L. fulvicepa lactinea C222

Lithops salicola C321

Lithops julii var. fuleri C378

Lithops lesliei ssp lesliei var. venteri C1

Lithops bromfeldii var. mennellii (pale selection)

Lithops mickbergensis
"99,44% white"






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