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Genus: Mammillaria [ Cactaceae ]

Dictionary of Genus names

Mammillaria luethyi grafted on Opuntia compressa stock: a profusion of flowers
Mammillaria luethyi

The genus  name "Mammillaria" is derived from the Latin word “mammilla” incorrect spelling of “mamilla”; which means “breast, teat, nipple” and refers to the small tubercles (fleshy lumps or warts) covering the plant body. All cacti in this genus are rib-less
( The genus name implies: "bearing nipples (tubercles)")

(for example M. theresae - M. luethyi - M. albiflora)

Classification of Genus Mammillaria

Mammillaria subgenus Mammilloydia   Type species:

Mammillaria Candida

  1. Mammillaria Candida
Mammillaria subgenus Oehmea Type species:

Mammillaria beneckei

  1. Mammillaria beneckei (Mammillaria nelsonii) Mammillaria colonensis Mammillaria guiengolensis
Mammillaria subgenus Dolichothele Type species:

Mammillaria longimamma

  1. Mammillaria longimamma var. longimamma var. uberiformis
  2. Mammillaria sphaerica
  3. Mammillaria melaleuca
  4. Mammillaria baumii
  5. Mammillaria carretii
  6. Mammillaria surculosa
Mammillaria subgenus Cochemiea Type species:

Mammillaria halei

  1. Mammillaria pondii Mammillaria maritima Mammillaria setispina
  2. Mammillaria halei
  3. Mammillaria poselgeri
Mammillaria subgenus Mamillopsis Type species:

Mammillaria senilis

  1. Mammillaria senilis var. senilis var. diguetii
Mammillaria subgenus Mammillaria Section


Series I. Longiflorae Type species:

Mammillaria longiflora

  1. Mammillaria longiflora f. longiflora f. stampferi
  2. Mammillaria saboae var. saboae f. saboae f. haudeana var. goldii
  3. Mammillaria theresae
  4. Mammillaria napina Mammillaria hernandezii
  5. Mammillaria deherdtiana var. deherdtiana var. dodsonii
Series II. Ancistracanthae Lectotype species:

 Mammillaria dioica

  1. Mammillaria tetrancistra
  2. Mammillaria guelzowiana
  3. Mammillaria wrightii var. wrightii f. wrightii f. wolfii var. wilcoxii (Mammillaria meridiorosei)
  4. Mammillaria viridiflora (Mammillaria chavezii, Mammillaria orestera)
  5. Mammillaria barbata Mammillaria garessii Mammillaria morricalii Mammillaria santaclarensis
  6. Mammillaria zephyranthoides
  7. Mammillaria heidiae .
  8. Mammillaria mainiae
  9. Mammillaria thornberi
  10. Mammillaria yaquensis
  11. Mammillaria fraileana Mammillaria slevinii
  12. Mammillaria occidentalis
  13. Mammillaria mazatlanensis Mammillaria patonii
  14. Mammillaria sheldonii Mammillaria alamensis Mammillaria gueldemanniana (Mammillaria guirocobensis)
  15. Mammillaria milleri (Mammillaria microcarpa, noMammillaria prov.)
  16. Mammillaria grahamii Mammillaria oliviae
  17. Mammillaria insularis
  18. Mammillaria boolii
  19. Mammillaria schumannii
  20. Mammillaria blossfeldiana Mammillaria shurliana
  21. Mammillaria goodridgii
  22. Mammillaria hutchisoniana (Mammillaria bullardiana)Mammillaria louisiae
  23. Mammillaria swinglei Mammillaria inaiae
  24. Mammillaria multidigitata
  25. Mammillaria capensis
  26. Mammillaria armillata Mammillaria cerralboa
  27. Mammillaria phitauiana
  28. Mammillaria dioica Mammillaria angelensis Mammillaria estebanensis Mammillaria albicans
  29. Mammillaria neopalmeri
Series III. Stylothelae Type species:

Mammillaria wildii

  1. Mammillaria fittkaui
  2. Mammillaria zeilmanniana
  3. Mammillaria guillauminiana
  4. Mammillaria berkiana
  5. Mammillaria bombycina
  6. Mammillaria perezdelarosae
  7. Mammillaria moelleriana Mammillaria cowperae
  8. Mammillaria pennispinosa var. pennispinosa var. nazasensis
  9. Mammillaria mercadensis Mammillaria sinistrohamata
  10. Mammillaria jaliscana Mammillaria kleiniorum
  11. Mammillaria zacatecasensis
  12. Mammillaria rettigiana Mammillaria flavihamata Mammillaria gilensis Mammillaria posseltiana
  13. Mammillaria weingartiana Mammillaria unihamata
  14. Mammillaria stella-de-tacubaya Mammillaria gasseriana
  15. Mammillaria mathildae
  16. Mammillaria erythrosperma Mammillaria multiformis Mammillaria limonensis Mammillaria variabilis
  17. Mammillaria bocasana Mammillaria longicoma (Mammillaria knebeliana?)
  18. Mammillaria aurihamata (Mammillaria aureoviridis?, Mammillaria erectohamata?)
  19. Mammillaria leucantha Mammillaria sanluisensis Hort. non Shurly
  20. Mammillaria nana (Mammillaria eschanzieri?)
  21. Mammillaria pygmaea Mammillaria pubispina
  22. Mammillaria painteri
  23. Mammillaria wildii (Mammillaria glochidiata?, Mammillaria schelhasei?) Mammillaria calleana
  24. Mammillaria oteroi
  25. Mammillaria glassii var. ascensionis var. nominis-dulcis var. siberiensis
Series IV. Proliferae Type species:

Mammillaria Prolifera

  1. Mammillaria schwarzii
  2. Mammillaria prolifera var. prolifera var. arachnoidea var. haitiensis var. texana (Mammillaria multiceps, Mammillaria granulata?)
  3. Mammillaria pilispina Mammillaria sanluisensis Shurly (Mammillaria subtilis)
  4. Mammillaria albicoma
  5. Mammillaria picta Mammillaria anniana Mammillaria aurisaeta Mammillaria viereckii
  6. Mammillaria vetula
  7. Mammillaria gracilis
Series V.  Lasiacanthae Type species:

Mammillaria lasiacantha

  1. Mammillaria lasiacantha Mammillaria denudata Mammillaria egregia Mammillaria lengdobleriana Mammillaria magallanii Mammillaria roseocentra?
  2. Mammillaria plumosa
  3. Mammillaria carmenae
  4. Mammillaria schiedeana var. schiedeana var. dumetorum
  5. Mammillaria humboldtii
  6. Mammillaria laui f. laui f. dasyacantha f. subducta
  7. Mammillaria lenta
  8. Mammillaria aureilanata
  9. Mammillaria herrerae var. herrerae var. albiflora
  10. Mammillaria pectinifera f. pectinifera f. solisioides
Series VI.  Sphacelatae Type species:

Mammillaria sphacelata

  1. Mammillaria kraehenbuehlii
  2. Mammillaria sphacelata var. sphacelata var. viperina
  3. Mammillaria tonalensis
Series VII.  Leptocladodae Type species:

Mammillaria elongata

  1. Mammillaria pottsii
  2. Mammillaria elongata Mammillaria echinaria
  3. Mammillaria microhelia Mammillaria microheliopsis
  4. Mammillaria densispina Mammillaria mieheana
Series VIII.  Decipientes Type species:

Mammillaria decipiens

  1. Mammillaria decipiens Mammillariaalbescens Mammillaria camptotricha
Section Subhydrochylus Type species:

 Mammillaria guerreronis

Series IX. Heterochlorae Leucotype species:

Mammillaria discolor

  1. Mammillaria rhodantha Mammillaria aureiceps Mammillaria calacantha Mammillaria fera-rubra Mammillaria mollendorffiana Mammillaria mundtii Hort. Mammillaria pringlei
  2. Mammillaria polythele Mammillaria durispina Mammillaria kewensis Mammillaria obconella
  3. Mammillaria wiesingeri Mammillaria erectacantha Hort.
  4. Mammillaria discolor Mammillaria esperanzaensis Mammillaria schmollii
Series X. Polyacanthae Type species:

Mammillaria spinosissima

  1. Mammillaria backebergiana Mammillaria ernestii
  2. Mammillaria meyranii Mammillaria bambusiphila
  3. Mammillaria matudae
  4. Mammillaria spinosissima Mammillaria auricoma Mammillaria centraliplumosa Mammillaria gasterantha Mammillaria pilcayensis Mammillaria virginis Mammillaria tomentosa?
  5. Mammillaria nunezii Mammillaria bella Mammillaria hubertmulleri
  6. Mammillaria guerreronis
  7. Mammillaria rekoi var. rekoi var. aureispina var. leptacantha Mammillaria pseudorekoi?
  8. Mammillaria duoformis Mammillaria erythrocalix Mammillaria rossiana Mammillaria hamata?
  9. Mammillaria magnifica
  10. Mammillaria xaltianguensis
  11. Mammillaria eriacantha
Series XI. Supertextae Type species:

Mammillaria supertexta

  1. Mammillaria haageana var. haageana Mammillaria collina (Mammillaria elegans Hort.) Mammillaria conspicua Mammillaria san-angelensis Mammillaria vaupelii var. schmollii
  2. Mammillaria supertexta (Mammillaria lanata, Mammillaria martinezii)
  3. Mammillaria crucigera
  4. Mammillaria huitzilopochtli
  5. Mammillaria dixanthocentron Mammillaria flavicentra
  6. Mammillaria albilanata Mammillaria fuauxiana Mammillaria reppenhagenii Mammillaria tegelbergiana Mammillaria halbingeri?
  7. Mammillaria columbiana Mammillaria ruestii Mammillaria yucatanensis


Section Mammillaria (Galactochylus)  


SeriesXII. Leucocephalae Typeype species:

Mammillaria parkinsonii

  1. Mammillaria geminispina Mammillaria leucocentra
  2. Mammillaria perbella Mammillaria cadereytensis Mammillaria infernillensis Mammillaria queretarica Mammillaria rosensis? Mammillaria vonwyssiana?
  3. Mammillaria hahniana Mammillaria bravoae Mammillaria mendeliana Mammillaria woodsii Mammillaria saetigera?
  4. Mammillaria klissingiana Mammillaria brauneana
  5. Mammillaria muehlenpfordtii
  6. Mammillaria Parkinsonii Mammillaria auriareolis
  7. Mammillaria chionocephala Mammillaria ritteriana Mammillaria caerulea
  8. Mammillaria Formosa Mammillaria microthele
  9. Mammillaria Sempervivi Mammillaria pseudocrucigera
SeriesXIII. Mammillaria (Macrothelae) Type species:

Mammillaria mammillaris

  1. Mammillaria Mammillaris Mammillaria pseudosimplex?
  2. Mammillaria Nivosa Mammillaria ekmanii?
  3. Mammillaria Heyderi Mammillaria Gaumeri Mammillaria Gummifera Mammillaria hemisphaerica (Mammillaria applanata) Mammillaria macdougalii Mammillaria Meiacantha Mammillaria sororia?
  4. Mammillaria Grusonii Mammillaria pachycylindrica
  5. Mammillaria Zeyeriana Mammillaria wagneriana?
  6. Mammillaria coahuilensis Mammillaria albiarmata
  7. Mammillaria uncinata Mammillaria lloydii?
  8. Mammillaria melanocentra
  9. Mammillaria rubrograndis
  10. Mammillaria petterssonii Mammillaria obscura?
  11. Mammillaria Gigantean Mammillaria hamiltonhoytea Mammillaria ocotillensis
  12. Mammillaria Winterae Mammillaria zahniana
  13. Mammillaria roseoalba
  14. Mammillaria magnimamma Mammillaria bucareliensis Mammillaria macracantha? Mammillaria vagaspina Mammillaria zuccariniana
  15. Mammillaria Compressa Mammillaria esseriana? Mammillariaconopsea
  16. Mammillaria Scrippsiana Mammillaria pseudoscrippsiana
  17. Mammillaria Standleyi Mammillaria auricantha Mammillaria auritricha Mammillaria bellacantha Mammillaria canelensis Mammillaria floresii Mammillaria laneusumma Mammillaria mayensis Mammillaria montensis Mammillaria xanthina?
  18. Mammillaria hertrichiana
  19. Mammillaria miegiana
  20. Mammillaria tayloriorum
  21. Mammillaria sonorensis Mammillaria bellisiana Mammillaria craigii Mammillaria movensis Mammillaria tesopacensis
  22. Mammillaria Bocensis Mammillaria neoschwarzeana Mammillaria rubida Mammillaria ortegae?
  23. Mammillaria johnstonii
  24. Mammillaria lindsayi
  25. Mammillaria marksiana
  26. Mammillaria brandegeei Mammillaria gabbii Mammillaria lewisiana Mammillaria glareosa (Mammillaria dawsonii)
  27. Mammillaria peninsularis
  28. Mammillaria baxteriana
  29. Mammillaria petrophila Mammillaria arida Mammillaria gatesii Mammillaria marshalliana Mammillaria pacifica
  30. Mammillaria evermanniana
SeriesXIV. Polyedrae Type species:

Mammillaria polyedra

  1. Mammillaria knippeliana
  2. Mammillaria karwinskiana (Mammillaria confusa, Mammillaria conzattii) Mammillaria multiseta? Mammillaria nejapensis Mammillaria neomystax Mammillaria praelii?
  3. Mammillaria voburnensis Mammillaria beiselii Mammillaria collinsii Mammillaria eichlamii
  4. Mammillaria polyedra
  5. Mammillaria Carnea Mammillaria orcuttii?
  6. Mammillaria sartorii (Mammillaria tenampensis) Mammillaria echinops?
  7. Mammillaria mystax Mammillaria casoi Mammillaria crispiseta Mammillaria huajuapensis Mammillaria mixtecensis Mammillaria varieaculeata




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