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Sphingophily  [ Botany ]
Synonym: Moth pollination, Phalaenophily
Adjective: Sphingophilous, Phalaenophilous

Dictionary of botanic terminology
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  Pollination by hawk moths and nocturnal Lepidoptera.  
The plants that are pollinated by moth (nocturnal butterflies) are called sphingophilous or phalaenophylous plant.
These plants have large nocturnal white flowers with strong sweet scent. These features allow moths that are active at night to find the flowers from afar. The moth stay on the wing while inserting their long tongue into the deep nectar container, These plant comprise the longest nectar bearing flowering tubes known in the plant kingdom.
Photo by Steve Swirsky (South-East Florida, USA): Night blooming Cereus and a nocturnal butterfly. Night Blooming Cereus with Butterfly - photo by Steve Swirky - Southeast Florida USA







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