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Tracheary element   [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Cells of the xylem involved with water conduction. May be tracheids or vessel members.  
Vascular plants have two kinds of Tracheary Elements:  Tracheids & Vessel Members.
Conifers have only tracheids. Woody angiosperms have also vessels.
I TRACHEIDS - Elongated tapering, dead at functional maturity

Vessel member & tracheids

II VESSEL MEMBER - Elongated tapering (but generally shorter than tracheids), Dead at functional maturity.
  • Shape: Vessels are composed of vessel members in series connected by perforation plates.
  • Cell wall: primary and secondary, lignified.
  • Function: Xylem Chief water-conducting element in Angiosperm xylem.







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