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All the information and photos in cactus art files are now available also in the new the Enciclopedia of Cacti. We hope you find this new site informative and useful.

  Parodia microsperma (sensu latu) CACTUS ART

Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Parodia herzogiana (microsperma)

NOTE: The following description of this species is based on Parodia microsperma (Weber) Spegazzini 1923 sensu stricto. But if we consider the numerous synonyms, form and variety of this very variable taxon, all the value of size, colour, flower and spines characteristic can change considerably.

Description: Usually solitary, but can forms small clusters.
Globose or cylindrical, pale green up to 6-7(-9) cm in diameter and 10 cm tall (or more)
Ribs: 13-21 spiraling with conical tubercles 4-5 mm in diameter 3 mm long.
Areoles: 1,5 mm in diameter with white-yellowish tomentum that fade away as they age.
Radial spines: 11-13 thin white, up to 7 mm long.
Central spines: 4, of which the upper three are straight white with a reddish tip, while the lower one is more long and strong, hooked totally reddish up to 30mm long.
Flowers: Infundibuliform on the plant apex 30mm long, 40 mm in diameter. External tepals spatulate or lanceolate, denticulate yellowish-orange whit a vermilion midline. The throat is bright red, the filaments bear cream-yellowish anthers. Stile white-yellowish bearing a 12 lobed stigma.
Fruit: Ovoidal 6x5 mm, with basal dehiscence.
Seeds: Very small 0,4mm long, brown smooth and shining.

Parodia sanguiniflora (microsperma)

Parodia talaensis (microsperma)
Field number: L 559 Locality: Tala, Salta / Tucuman, Argentina 1600-1800m Date: 25/10/1970

Cultivation:  Needs regular water in summer. Keep rather dry in winter, tends to lose its roots in winter. Can tolerate light frost (-1C°)

Propagation: By Seeds. The seed of this plant are extremely small and must be sown on the surface of the germination substrate (not buried!!) But the seedlings  after germination are so minuscule and delicate that it is quite problematic to keep them alive. So for this species it is usually used the baggy germination technique (in a sterilized pot hermetically closed in a plastic sachet)

Photo of conspecific taxa, varieties, forms and cultivars of Parodia microsperma (This taxon has lots of synonyms whit several controversial varieties and subspecies):



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Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 2.

Scientific name: Parodia microsperma (F. A. C. Weber) Speg. 1923

Origin: Southern Bolivia, northern Argentina

Basionym: Echinocactus microspermus F. A. C. Weber var.erythranthus Pubblished in: Speg., Anales Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires 11 (ser. 3, 4): 498. 1905.
The distribution is only cited for the species Echinocactus microspermus: “Hab. Sat  frequens in collinis et montanis aridis Prov. Catamarca, La Rioja, Tucuman, Salta et Jujuy”.
“N. 3, Echin. microspermus rubriflora, 4-XII-99 [1899]” (LPS 23057).
Holotype: Probably this is the type mentioned by Kiesling
(1984a: 220) as: “LPS s.n. E. microspermus var.
erythranthus Speg. 4-12-99". Fl.

Etymology: The genus Parodia has been named after Lorenzo Raimundo Parodi an Argentine botanist specialized in herbaceous indigene flora. Microsperma = small seeds


Synonyms (This taxon has lots of synonyms whit several controversial varieties and subspecies):
  • Echinocactus microspermus F.A.C.Weber 1896
  • Parodia microsperma (F.A.C.Weber) Speg. 1923
  • Echinocactus microspermus var. macrancistrus K.Schum. 1902
  • Echinocactus microspermus var. erythranthus Speg. 1905
  • Parodia aureispina Backeb. 1934
  • Parodia sanguiniflora Backeb. 1934
  • Parodia setifera Backeb. 1934
  • Parodia catamarcensis Backeb. 1935
  • Parodia microthele Backeb. 1935
  • Parodia scopaoides Backeb. 1935
  • Parodia erythrantha (Speg.) Backeb. & F.M.Knuth 1935
  • Parodia rigidispina Krainz 1946
  • Parodia macrancistra (K.Schum.) Y.Itô 1957
  • Parodia rubellihamata F.Ritter ex Backeb. 1963
  • Parodia rubriflora Backeb. (Nom. inval.) 1963
  • Parodia atroviridis Backeb. 1963
  • Parodia dextrohamata Backeb. 1963
  • Parodia fechseri Backeb. 1963
  • Parodia fuscato-viridis Backeb. 1963
  • Parodia kilianana Backeb. 1963
  • Parodia rigida Backeb. 1963
  • Parodia tafiensis Backeb. 1963
  • Parodia elegans Fechser ex Backeb. 1966
  • Parodia tuberculosi-costata Backeb. 1966
  • Parodia dichroacantha F.H.Brandt & Weskamp 1967
  • Parodia weskampiana Krasucka & Spanowsky 1968
  • Parodia matthesiana Heinrich (Nom inval.) 1968
  • Parodia malyana Rausch 1969
  • Parodia thionantha F.H.Brandt 1969
  • Parodia weberiana F.H.Brandt 1969
  • Parodia superba F.H.Brandt 1970
  • Parodia spegazziniana F.H.Brandt 1971
  • Parodia pluricentralis Backeb. ex F.H.Brandt 1971
  • Parodia campestris F.H.Brandt 1975
  • Parodia papagayana F.H.Brandt 1976
  • Parodia talaensis F.H.Brandt 1976
  • Parodia albofuscata F.H.Brandt 1977
  • Parodia capillataensis F.H.Brandt 1977
  • Parodia mesembrina F.H.Brandt 1977
  • Parodia spanisa F.H.Brandt 1977
  • Parodia hummeliana A.B.Lau & Weskamp 1978
  • Parodia lohaniana A.B.Lau & Weskamp 1979
  • Parodia piltziorum Weskamp 1980
  • Parodia betaniana F.Ritter 1980
  • Parodia chlorocarpa F.Ritter 1980
  • Parodia gilschrocarpa F.Ritter 1980
  • Parodia rubristaminea F.Ritter 1980
  • Parodia uebelmanniana F.Ritter 1980
  • Parodia herzogii Rausch 1981
  • Parodia mercedesiana Weskamp 1984
  • Parodia weberioides F.H.Brandt 1984
  • Parodia argerichiana Weskamp 1985
  • Parodia minuscula Rausch 1985
  • Parodia heteracantha F.Ritter ex Weskamp 1986
  • Parodia riojensis F.Ritter & Weskamp 1987
  • Parodia malyana subsp. igneiflora F.H.Brandt (Nom inval.) 1988
  • Parodia wagneriana Weskamp 1989
  • Parodia nana Weskamp 1990
  • Parodia tucumanensis Weskamp 1990
  • Parodia aconquijaensis Weskamp 1991
  • Parodia belenensis Weskamp 1992
  • Parodia cachiana Weskamp 1992
  • Parodia cebilarensis Weskamp 1992
  • Parodia guachipasana Weskamp 1992
  • Parodia heyeriana Weskamp 1992
  • Parodia lembckei Weskamp 1992
  • Parodia tolombona Weskamp 1992
  • Parodia grandiflora M.Veverka (Nom inval.) 1992
  • Parodia amblayensis F.H.Brandt (Nom inval.) 1993
  • Parodia cabracorralensis Piens 1994
    ......... and many other.

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All the information and photos in cactus art files are now available also in the new the Enciclopedia of Cacti. We hope you find this new site informative and useful.