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Cactus & animals
Feel free to add your own macro picture of cactus and animals in this page,
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Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.

Alphabetical listing of the plants pictures.
Cactus spines
Macro-photo of cactus and animals

Cactus curiosities
Your photo - cactus pics form collectors and friends.



Macro shots of cactus and animals in Cactus Art  green house
and from cactus friends from all over the world.

A special thank to:
Vera Gheno
(Italy) - Andrea Seidel (Germany) - Razvan Diaconescu (Romania) -
Steve Swirsky
(South-East Florida, USA) - Andrea B. (Italy) - Zoltan Varga (Hungary)
- Yannick Gregorn
(Slovenia) -
Jürgen Menzel (Southern California USA) -
(Argentina)  - Geri Meier (Switzerland)
 - Brigitte Pelloux  (France) -  Peter Mügge (Germany)  - Héctor José Villarreal M.

 A very special thank to:
Jean-Yves Cretin 
entomologist at the University of Franche-Comté
for its precious help in identifying the animals of the photos and for the useful information.

[Images are clickable for a larger version]

Mammillaria sancez-mejorade and the frog

Mammillaria sancez-mejorade and the tree frog

Sulcorebutia rauschii cv. violacidermis and the tree frog Cactus flower with cat nose

  A the tree frog  (Hyla meridionalis) walking on
Mammillaria sanchez-mejorade and
Sulcorebutia rauschii HS 121/1

Photo by Vera Gheno (Italy):
a very interested visitor, her cat (the nose)
Sulcorebutia gerosenilis KK 2005 and a common Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio machaon) Sulcorebutia gerosenilis KK 2005 and a common Swallowtail butterfly (Papilio machaon) top view Astrophytum myriostigma cv. Onzuka and a red spider
Sulcorebutia gerosenilis  whit a "Common Swallowtail"  butterfly
(Papilio machaon a Lepidopteran  of the Papilionoidea family )

Top view of the Swallowtail over S. gerosenilis flower. Photo by Jean-Yves Cretin (France): Copiapoa tenuissima, with a solitary bee (Halictus sp.) more known as Digger Bee Astrophytum myristigma cv. Onzuka and a beautiful male of «Jumping Spider»
(Phylaeus chrysops a southern species of the Salticidae family that live in sunny stony habitats)
Green Spider on cactus - photo by Steve Swirky - Southeast Florida USA Cereus forbesii (peruvianus) spiralis and a green spider Cereus forbesii (peruvianus) spiralis and a green spider

Photo by Steve Swirsky (South-East Florida, USA) A green "Crab Spider"  (A spider of the Thomisidae family of the arachnid order)

A green “Hunter Spider” of the species Micrommata (probably ligurinum) on a young Cereus forbesii forma spiralis

Photo by Peter Mügge (Germany): Hooverfly on Echinopsis Hyb. (MUG 29 "Vanilla Sky" = Orange Glory x Tupac)
MUG is Peter's international shortcut.
Echinocereus baileyi and the bees Faucaria trigrina flowers with a bee Pleiospilos bolusii with a very common  "Hover-Fly"  (Syrphus balteatus)

Photo by Andrea Seidel (Germany): Echinocereus reichenbachii var. baileyi and a flock of "Hover Flies" or “flower flies”
Scientific name Syrphus balteatus one of the most common species of the Syrphidae
family (Diptera order ).

Photo by Razvan Diaconescu: Faucaria tigrina and another  "Hoverfly" from Romania (Syrphus balteatus) Photo by Jean-Yves Cretin : Pleiospilos bolusii with one more  "Hover-Fly"  from France. (Syrphus balteatus)
 Photo by Andrea B:
... and again a Syrphus balteatus from Italy.
Its common name is "marmalade hoverfly" on a flowers of Crassula
See: Myophily (Pollination by flies) 
Escobaria sneddi var. leeei & insect Escobaria sneddi var. leeei & insect Turbinicarpus polaskii & insect Turbinicarpus polaskii flower & insect

A "Ground Bug" of the genus Hoploprocta or Syromasters
family, Hemiptera order)  on an Escobaria sneedii var. leei

A "Seed Bug" of the genus Lygaeus equestris  (Lygaeidae family, Hemiptera order)  on a flower of Turbinicarpus polaski
Rebutia heliosa and a locuste Echinocereus and lucust

An "Egyptian Locust"  the bigger European species of locust (grasshopper) distributed in the entire  Mediterranean area  (Latin name Anacridium aegyptium)   on a Rebutia heliosa (left) and  walking on an Echinocereus sp.(right)

Photo by Geri Meier (Switzerland): Another grasshopper walking on a plant of Turbinicarpus jauernigii.
Photo by Yannick Gregorn (Slovenia): "a first-instars young Grasshopper" on an Opuntia flower
Harrisia (Eriocereus) jusbertii and the green lizard

A Myrmecophagous  “leaf Beetle” on a stems of Peniocereus greggiiit is an insect which larvae live within the ant-hill and devour  the ants and not the leaves, it is a coleopteran of the  Chrysomelidae family, it’s scientific name is Clytra quadripunctata.  Photo by Razvan Diaconescu (Romania):


 Photo by Andrea B. (Italy): A "Grint Hornet"
(Vespa crabro) on a flower of Schlumbergera


Photo by Andrea B. (Italy): A «Jumping Spider» of the Salticidae family on Crassula


Harrisia jusbertii and the green lizard




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