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Tooth (Plural Teeth)  [ Botany ]
Synonym: Indentation
Adjective: Toothed

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  A small shallow sharp projection or bump in a plant surface or edge (as along the margin of a leaf)  
A plant part or organ with the shape of an animal tooth.

Left: Tooth on a leaf margin.

Right: Teeth on the angle of a quadrangular stem of Huernia macrocarpa

Lobe vs. tooth: It is not clear what is the difference between teeth and lobes; a general but not exhaustive definition is: “ Lobes are marginal indentations that reach ¼ or more of the distance to the midvein, measured parallel to the axis of symmetry of the lobe, tooth are less than ¼”
Differentiating secondary from primary teeth:
Tooth type is broken into two
categories: primary and secondary (or “teeth on teeth”). Secondary teeth have markedly unequal amounts of incision, with one sinus being less incised than the other.
Secondary teeth are typically associated with veins of markedly thinner measure relative to veins in neighbouring primary teeth.
Solitary tooth : When there is no superjacent primary tooth the tooth is called “solitary” .







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