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1309 Echinopsis chacoana

Echinopsis chacoana
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 Insolitamente alto per un Echionopsis, è una specie cespitosa con rami cilindrici ascendenti, ma a volte solitaria in coltivazione. molto attrattiva per le spine gialle e robuste.

Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Scientific Name: Echinopsis chacoana Schütz
In: Kaktusářské listy, 1 : 1, 1949

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 2.

Common Names include: Easter Lily Cactus

Origin:  Paraguay (Chaco Boreal)

Etymology: For the occourence in the Chaco region of Paraguay.


  • Echinopsis rhodotricha ssp. chacoana (Schütz) P.J.Braun & E. Esteves Pereira
  • Echinopsis rhodotricha  var. chacoana (Schütz) Ritt.
    In: Kakteen in Südamerika, 1 : 263, 1979 A
  • Echinopsis rhodotricha K. Schuman 1900
  • Echinocactus forbesii Lehmann 1843
  • Echinopsis forbesii (Lehmann) A. Dietrich 1849

Description: E. chacoana is unusually tall for an Echinopsis, it is a clumping plant with erect or ascending stems, sometime solitary in cultivation, it is an attractive plant because of its long spines.
Stems: At first ball-like or oval the as the plant mature cylyndical, dull grey green, 30-80 cm tall, up to 9 cm in diameter
Ribs: 12-18, low, moderately sinuate.
Areoles: Large rounded, 1,5-2,5 mm apart.
Spines: Yellowish with brownish tips.
Central spines: 0-1 slightly bent upward long and stiff, up to 2,5 cm long. In habitat the one central may reach 4 cm. in length
Radial spines: 7-8, spreading, stright to slightly curved, up to 2 cm long.
Flower: White, up to 15 cm long. Inner perianth segments pure white, oblong, acute, stigma lobes linear, ± 11, greenish, tube long woolly.


Cultivation: The Echinopsis chacoana is a summer grower species that offers no cultivation difficulties.  Water regularly in summer (but do not overwater ) needs good drainage and very porous soil,  keep rather dry in winter. Feed with a high potassium fertilizer  in summer. It is quite frost resistant if kept dry (hardy to  -7° C).  Need a bright exposure, full sun or half shade in summer.

Propagation: Direct sow after last frost, offsets.