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    SKU: 4544
    Introduzione alle Euphorbiaceae of Albert Pritchard (ITALIAN EDITION)
    For many years the succulent Euphorbiaceae have fascinated the lovers of these natural wonders. Albert Pritchard, affected by an acute 'euphorbia-mania', offers to newcomers to these plants a brief but comprehensive excursion into this family, which has c
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    SKU: 4543
    Madagascar, a paradise at risk by Marc Teissier, Thierry Botta and Christophe Blanchy (English edition)
    Marc Teissier, Thierry Botta and Christophe Blanchy poured the result of three months’ exploration into this book, with splendidl illustrated pages on the Madagascan flora.
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    SKU: 4546
    Socotra, l'ile retrouvèe by Alain Christophe (FRENCH EDITION)
    This is primarily an illustrated account of the plants of the Island, packed with some quite amazing photos of them. It also briefly covers the people of the Island, and cultivation of the plants.
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    SKU: 4547
    Turbinicarpus in San Luis Potosi by the group San Luis Potosì, section of the Sociedad Potosina de Cactaceas y Suculent
    One of the largest populations of the genus Turbinicarpus is found in the San Luis Potosi area of Mexico. In this semi-technical book the authors present the results of over six years of study and research carried out on this genus. Included are a descri
  5. 5
    SKU: 4548
    Melocactus, Cura e Coltivazione by George Thomson (ITALIAN EDITION)
    A monograph guide on Genus Melocactus that depicts these plants both in the wild and in cultivation.