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Stemless  [ Botany - Habit of growth ]
Acaulescent, Trunk-less
Antonym: Stemmed, Caulescent.

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

  Having no apparent stem or trunk above-ground.  
Of plant habit, without any above-ground stem except for an inflorescence axis. A plant that lacks an aerial stem or having a very short stem or trunk which does not appear above ground, though there may be an underground stem (rhizome, tuber, etc.).
Refers to plants that have no a central stem or only a very short stem so that , where present, all the leaves and inflorescence are clustered at or near the base of the plant at ground level. The flower may be on an erect peduncle but this will have no real leaves.

cf. Caulescent

Left: A stemless plant of Aloe saponaria








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