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Tunk  [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonyms: Bole, Main stem
  The main, central, mostly vertical aboveground axis of a tree, shrub or vine, which the branches grow from.
From Latin "Truncus" = "trunk"


In botany, trunk usually refers to the single main woody axis of substantial height of a tree that is supported by and directly attached to the roots at or near ground level and which in turn supports the canopy.
The trunk of a tree is also often called the bole. The trunk is usually covered with bark; Some trees may have more than one trunk.

In a more general mining a trunk is any main, basal stem or branch , usually vertical of a plant (tree, shrub, vine, herb or succulent) which supports all the top parts like branches, leaves and flowers.


Definizione di trunk su Internet Inglese:
[Middle English trunke, from Old French tronc, from Latin truncus; see ter -2 in Indo-European roots.]





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