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Throat   [ Botany ]

Dictionary of botanic terminology - index of names

Synonym: Flowers heart
Adjective: Throated
  The orifice of a tubular corolla or calyx where the tube joins the lobes, the faux, or fauces.  

The contrasting red throats of a flower of Hamatocactus_setispinus

The throat (inner part of a flower tube) is frequently (especially in bee-pollinated plants) a high-contrasting zone near the base of each petal often with evident nectar guides, that direct the pollinators to the centre of the flower to the source of the nectar.

In bird and moth pollinated plants the throat is narrowly constricted so that only the hummingbirds' narrow bills and the long tongue of the moth can enter to extract the nectar into the deep nectar container.







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