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Astrophytum asterias
cv. SUPERKABUTO Zebra type
(Synonyms: V-type, Fly's-wings type or Tiger)


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 Astrophytum Super Kabuto Zebra (Or Tiger)

Description: Contrary to the normal Astrophytum Superkabuto, that has only a mosaic of extensive ± rounded white dots the “Zebra type” differs for the diverse pattern that form distinct v-shaped lines resembling the shape of fly's wings This particular form is also called "V-type", “Fly's wings type” or “Tiger” by Thai growers.
The white V-markings and striped bands are not seen in most of the normal 'Super Kabuto' seedlings, and will change and emphasize with age.





Cultivation remarks: It is not too difficult in a greenhouse, although it grows quite slowly.  The plants need  a loose well-drained mineral soil.  They need a good amount of light.  Watering can be done weekly during the summertime, if the weather is sunny enough, with a little fertilizer added.  Kept this way, plants will show a healthy, although slow growth.  They are frost hardy to -4° (-10°) C
Be careful: The epidermis is harder than in the normal  Asterias, and cracks easily if plants are overwatered.

Propagation: By seeds, remembering that  seedlings dislike strong light and dry conditions, and need to be repotted frequently.  But plants are often grafted to accelerate growth, as they would generally take at least  five years to reach maturity on their own.  However the grafted plants are typically rather tall-growing, in comparison with plants on their own roots, that are usually flatter to the ground.




Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Scientific name: Astrophytum asterias cv. Superkabuto "ZEBRA TYPE"


  • Astrophytum asterias cv. Superkabuto "V-type"
  • Astrophytum asterias cv. Superkabuto "Fly's-wings type"
  • Astrophytum asterias cv. Superkabuto "Tiger"

Origin Garden origin (Nursery produced cultivar)

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 1


V type (Tiger)



This is one of the choicest Japanese cultivars, with distinct V-shaped or fly’s wings shaped lines.

Photo of conspecific taxa, varieties, forms and cultivars of
Astrophytum asterias:

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