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Astrophytum asterias "AKABANA" (Red flowers) CACTUS ART

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Astrophytum asterias 'AKABANA' red flowering form
An unusual and very attractive variety,  its flowers are shades of red, which is very uncharacteristic of this genus and a rarity in collections.

Description: This is an unusual variety, with red blooms, which is very uncharacteristic of this genus and a rarity in collections. This selected cultivars bears beautiful flowers shaded in dark pinkish-red, orange-red or purple wine-red with usually even darker flower edges . However a very  few red flowered specimens will appear time by time among normal yellow flowered plants, and are very rare. They are sought after collector and are sold (when available) for very high ciphers for that reason. Their traditional source, of course, is Japan but they are also found in European collections too. And also - like for the normal Astrophytum - their flower colour tends s to increase a darker tone ageing. Stem:  non-branched, flat, dark green. Diameter 3(8)16 cm. Height 2 to 6 cm. Just flat to the ground surface.
Ribs: Generally it has eight flat ribs, rare few or more.
Spines: Not any.
Hairy scales: Usually loose, sprinkled over the stem in irregular patterns, sometimes arched around the areoles or on line.
Areoles: Round, cream-colored till white hairy up to 6
(3-12) mm) of diameters. The areoles are normally set in a separation up to 10 mm, but can be very close one to each other at cultivated plants.
Flowers: At the apex from the vegetation point, up to 75 mm in diameter. This cultivar has unusual pink-red or orange-red blooms. But it is normal that flower colour tends in all Astrophytums to increase a pink blush ageing.

Cultivation: It is not too difficult in a greenhouse, although grows quite slowly. The plants need  a loose well-drained  mineral soil. They need a good amount of light. Watering can be done weekly during summertime, if the weather is sunny enough, with a little fertilizer added. Kept this way, plants will show a healthy, although slow growth. They are frost hardy to -4 (-10) C.
Propagation: By seeds, remembering that  seedlings dislike strong light and dry conditions  and need to be repotted frequently. But plants are often grafted to accelerate growth as they would generally take at least a five years to reach maturity on their own.

Photo of conspecific taxa, varieties, forms and cultivars of Astrophytum asterias:



Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Scientific name: Astrophytum asterias (Zucc.) Lem

Origin Garden origin (Nursery produced cultivar)
Perhaps this plants are not 100% pure A. asterias but the may have a certain degree of hybrid origin.

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 1 (?)




A pink flowered specimen.



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