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  Astrophytum ornatum cv. HUKURYU HANNYA CACTUS ART

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Astrophytum ornatum cv. HUKURYU HANNYA

"Hannya" is the name of a mask used in the traditional “No” theatre that represent the face of a demon with long horns. In the in pantheon of the Japanese demons the length of the horns is in relation to their importance within the group. Hanya demon is often tattooed especially by men because it is a strong and bad character, but they underrate that in reality Hannya is the personification of the demon of the jealousy… and is a woman!




Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Scientific name:  Astrophytum ornatum (DC.) Weber
In: Britt & Rose, Cactaceae 3: 185. 1922

Origin: Garden origin (Nursery produced cultivar) Japan

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 2.




Coltivation: It grow easily from seed in cultivation. Despite being revered by many collectors, it not too difficult. This cactus is pretty cold hardy and can survive to -10° C (if kept dry).  It needs to be at least 15 cm tall to bloom . This might take no less than seven to 12 years or more depending on the length of the growing period in the local climatic conditions.
A. ornatum
loves a very permeable, coarse mineral soil  as well as to be strictly kept dry throughout  the winter quiescent period since it is sensitive to moisture excesses.  If potted, repot it preferably in the spring, if its roots become cramped.  Generally, it should be repotted every other year in order to provide fresh soil. However, this doesn't necessarily mean it will need larger containers. Fill about a quarter of the pot with broken crocks, gravel, etc. to promote good drainage. After repotting, do not water for a week or more. To prevent rottenness it is also advisable to surround its root neck by very rough sand or grit, this help a fast water drainage and an appropriate air circulation. In the rest period no high atmospheric humidity!! Feed with a high potassium fertilizer  in summer. 
Sun Exposure:
Light shade to full sun.
( light shadow my be useful in the hottest summer days)
Diseases and pests:
Watch for infestations of mealybug, scale insects and spider mite.
Propagation: They can be propagated easily from seed
cutting, grafting.

Photo of conspecific taxa, varieties, forms and cultivars of
Astrophytum asterias.


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