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0209 Haworthia truncata cv. LIME GREEN

Haworthia truncata cv. LIME GREEN
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Bellissima cultivar!!! Le foglie troncate di color vede chiaro e smeraldo si aprono a ventaglio come le pagine di un libro. L'apice delle foglie è come una finestra che mostra la gelatina verde all'interno.

Family: Asphodelaceae (Aloacee - Liliaceae)

Scientific name:  Haworthia truncata  hybrid cv. Lime green

Origin Garden origin (Nursery produced cultivar)

Hawortia truncata "LIME GREEN"
It has a distinctive lime green & emerald vein netting coloration and with age it makes attractive clusters. 

Description: “Lime green” is a very nice hybrid, characterized by broad squared-off leaves with the typical fan-like leaf arrangement of H. truncata and ability to form nice clumps. It seems to be an hybrid between H. truncata and H. cuspidata (or perhaps H. cymbiformis)
Rosettes: Stemless shaped like a fan.
Leaves: Marbled light to lime green, with "semi"-transparent windows, lovely frosted with fanned shades of lime green. The leaves seem to glisten.
Flower: The flower stalks reaches over a 30 cm in height, and feature small white blossoms and cream/tan hanging
, inconspicuous flowers.
Phenology:  Blooms repeatedly, mainly in late Spring/Early Summer.

Photo by Irwin Lightstone 

This nice creature has thick, truncated leaves that fan open like the pages in a book. The squat leaves are lime and chartreuse, making the plant a major conversation piece.
The tips of the leaves are like windows looking into the green jelly inside. 




Cultivation: Easy to grow it need regular water but do not water again until dry. Also, it is a species that is dormant in the winter and require very little water (maybe even none) during the cold months. Frost Tolerance:  Light frost protection required. Minimum of 5ºC for safe growing (but hardy up to -5°C or less.) Sun Exposure: Requires light shade to bright light (protect from strong midday sun). In shade the body colour will remain mostly green, while full sun will darkena bit. Can be sunburned if moved from shade/greenhouse into full sun too quickly. The amount of sunlight it can withstand without scorching depends upon the how hot it becomes in the summer in the locale in which it is planted.  During the spring it may be able to take full sun until the heat arrives at the end of spring. In an area that has hot afternoon sun, it may be able to take full morning sun, but requires afternoon shade or afternoon light shade. Offsets readily. Needs a deep pot to accommodate the long, thick, contractile roots.
Propagation: Offsets that appear at the base between the leaves; leave them attached to form a cluster, or wait until they are 1/3 the size of the parent and then detach and plant.