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Your plants (photos from collectors and friends)
By Robert Maijer

Holland ~ Almere


Cultivation and Mail Sale
of Cacti and Succulents.


Strombocactus disciformis & Turbinicarpus hoferi  forma cristata Turbinicarpus alonsoi forma cristata in flower
Strombocactus disciformis & T. hoferii  crests Turbinicarpus alonsoi f. cristata in flower
Turbinicarpus krainzianus var. minimus  forma cristata Turbinicarpus bonatzii forma cristata
T. krainzianus "minimus" forma cristata Turbinicarpus bonatzii crested form
Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus forma cristata Turbinicarpus rioverdensis cristatus
T. pseudopectinatus forma cristata T. rioverdensis cristatus
Echinocereus davisii var. brevispinus in flower Copiapoa lauii forma cristata
Echinocereus davisii var. brevispinus Copiapoa lauii forma cristata
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***Turbinicarpus crests ***
Rare cactus forms  ***
*** White flowering cactus ***

..Hello , I attached a photo of your Strombocactus disciformis and my Turbinicarpus hoferi crest, I  can imagine why they called hoferi a Strombocactus species first! All plants do well, I love the strombo crest!...
....Yes you can use the photo's, you can also use the photo of alonsoi crest and  I can send a photo of the krainzianus minimus crest. May be I can add some or make better ones (have a much better camera now). 
Robert Maijer


Photo and copyright by Robert Maijer (Holland)


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