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1322 Agave americana "mediopicta alba"

Agave americana "mediopicta alba"
€ 8,50
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Agave americana  'Mediopicta Alba' è una delle più belle e famose succulente variegate con foglie striate in bianco-crema e marginate in verde-blu.  Non è certamente una di quelle piante che passano inosservate!

Family: Agavaceae

Scientific Name: Agave americana 'Medio picta Alba'

  • Agave ingens var. picta,
  • Agave zonata,
  • Agave variegata,
  • Agave subzonata,
  • Agave picta

Common English Names include: White-Striped Century Plant

Agave americana  'Mediopicta Alba' is one of the prettiest and most sought after variegated succulents in existence. It is a living sculpture with very dramatic leaves, the juxtaposition of the solid creamy white bands down the centre with the powder blue of margins in a neat rosette looks right to the eye.

Description: Solitary or slowly clumping succulent rosette that will grow to a height of 70-90(-120) cm.
The var. medio-picta 'Alba' is a medium to smaller growing form of Agave americana.
Leaves: Short, lanceolate, narrowed above the thickened base, that arch slightly above the middle of the lamina and this is a characteristic feature of this species. The leaves of this cultivar are pleasantly variegated with a greyish-white to creamy-white central broad band down the centre of each leaf, with grey-blue sharp-spined edges and a long terminal spine.
Flowers: Inflorescence up to 5 m tall (or more) slender, straight, long oval in outline and rather open. The individual flowers are yellow-green and attract hummingbirds. Flower spikes are also variegated.
Blooming season: Summer, however in warmer climates the Century Plant doesn't bloom until it is a decade old  and not a century! (up to 35 years or more in cool climates) and the plant dies after flowering.


This is a great plant as it is very attractive and remains smaller than most of the other variegated Agave americana varieties. It is among the most architectural and beautiful of succulents.

Cultivation: This is a very popular cultivar but it is relatively slow to grow and propagate, it tends to do less well than the standard blue-grey species plant, hence the price. They do well in full sun or a lightly shaded area.
In winter watering this plant can be done once every 1-2 months. There is no need to mist the leaves. Agave americana is theoretically hardy to -9° C , particularly when dry ,but this cultivar is more tender, and it is best to avoid severe freezing temperatures. Use extreme care when working around or trimming any Agave. Not only are the spines wicked and cause a painful swelling if one is poked, but the sap is somehow caustic.

Propagation: Exclusively by suckers  Remove the basal suckers (if available) in spring or summer and let the cuttings dry for a few days before inserting in compost.

Use: These striking plants are wonderful when used for accent, or simply to provide some all year round foliage colour.  They are often used in a pot as patio plants, and make an eye-catching statement.  Along with other evergreen plants in pots, they can be moved around to change the scenery, or positioned to give more shelter.
This is a large dramatic plant that enjoy plenty of room, preferably situated away from traffic. Good on a hillside. This is a very pretty Agave.