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0048 Sulcorebutia augustinii HS152 Huanakuni Chico, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Sulcorebutia augustinii HS152 Huanakuni Chico, Cochabamba, Bolivia
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Bellissima specie in miniatura, con abbondanti fiori rosa carico.
Molto graziosa comunque anche quando non in fioritura.


Family: Cactaceae (Cactus Family)

Scientific name: Sulcorebutia augustinii  (Hentzschel)

Original description: Günther Henzschel / Succulenta (Netherlands) 68 (7-8): 147, 1989

Type: HS 152

Conservation status: Listed in CITES appendix 2.

Field numbers: HS 152 (typ); LH 1125; LH 1126; RH 816;

 Pasorapa (Villa Redención Pampa Zudañez) Cochabamba, Bolivia





  • Rebutia steinbachii subv. augustinii  (Hentzschel) Gertel 1996
  • Sulcorebutia steinbachii
  • Sulcorebutia mentosa
  • Sulcorebutia cardenasiana

HS152 Huanakuni Chico, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Choice Miniature species, very attractive even without flowers



Description:  Sulcorebutia augustinii is one of  the best Sulcos recently introduced, that forms a dense clump of mini stems
Stem: Grey-green to very dark, clustering and flat to the ground.
Spines: Tiny Amber pectinate.
Flowers: Very nice magenta pink, in late April.


Cultivation:  These mountainous  plants have thick taproots and are susceptible to overwatering.  They loves a very permeable, coarse mineral soil  as well as to be strictly kept dry throughout  the winter quiescent period since it is very sensitive to any moisture excesses, To prevent rottenness it is also advisable to surround its root neck by very rough sand or grit, this help a fast water drainage. They requires also an appropriate air circulation and are sometime grafted to avoid root problems. They need to be kept in a cool place during winter rest (at 0-10°C).   This is important for the flowers ,as well as for their health.  Without this cool winter period, they normally won't get any buds.
Grafted plants are very easy to grow, and are quite frost hardy (-5°  C) if kept dry.
Needs a full sun exposure ( light shadow my be useful in the hottest summer days)


Propagation: Seed, cutting, grafting.