Special plants

Do you like special and rare plants? This section gives you the opportunity to find :

New plants. We're always collecting new plants, many of them "unusual", in the sense that they're hard to find elsewhere. Should we have any extra plants for sale, we'll tell you about them here.
Some personal favourites. Sometimes there are plants that we love that others just don't seem to appreciate. Some of the very best plants are often some of the least in demand.
Great plants at bargain prices! Often, weve been accumulating just too many plants of a particular variety. You can save some money, and we can gain some extra growing space.
Selected specimens. Special plants selected for their beauty and perfection.
Plants not listed
in catalogue.  We can't list everything in our catalogue--there's just too much!  This doesn't mean that it's not worthy--sometimes we just donn't have enough in stock to put in the catalogue.